Students Back in School Tomorrow 2/22/2021 Paris Schools will be open tomorrow. We are excited to welcome our students back so school.
5 days ago, Netlla Cureton
The 3A-4 District Tournament has been cancelled. There was a vote in front of the superintendents to continue the tournament but it didn’t receive enough votes to continue. Teams advancing to regionals will be the ones who finished in the top 4 in the final conference standings. We are disappointed the season is over for our teams but glad to know they both ended on a win on their home court.
9 days ago, Trey Prieur
Paris Schools are virtual through Thursday. A decision will be made about Friday later this week. If your child has any questions/concerns or problems, just reach out to there teacher. No meals will be served. Make sure to take the time to enjoy the snow!
11 days ago, Trey Prieur
Here is the bracket for the District Tournament. We will not know the 2/3 seed from the girls game till after tonight. Higher seed will host each individual game
14 days ago, Trey Prieur
BB Bracket
Basketball District Tournament will begin on Saturday for both Senior High teams. The girls will host at 1:00 vs either Hackett or Waldron. The boys will play Danville at 4:00. No vouchers are needed for either game. We will clear the gym after the first game and will clean and fog the gym. For those wishing to attend both games, we will only charge for one game. All schedules are subject to change pending weather. We will post a complete bracket once its finalized.
15 days ago, Trey Prieur
Basketball update🏀 Due to travel concerns, tonight's games have been canceled at Booneville.
15 days ago, Trey Prieur
All Paris Schools will be having a Virtual School Day on Thursday February 11th. All students and staff will be working from home.
16 days ago, Trey Prieur
Basketball this week Tuesday at home- vs Cedarville...Varsity only at 6:00 Thursday at Booneville.. Varsity at 6:00...not sure yet about JV The District Tournament for SR High starts on Saturday It is very likely that we will host a girls game at 1:00 and a boys game at 6:00 We will definitely know later this week.
17 days ago, Trey Prieur
Game Day for the Eagles! Paris travels to Cossatot River. Senior Girls tip at 5pm, Senior Boys to follow. Go Eagles!
21 days ago, Trey Prieur
BASKETBALL UPDATE: First Congratulations to the SR High Girls and Boys teams for their wins over Charleston last night. February 3rd- 7th grade at Westside at 4:30 February 5th- SR High at Cossatot at 5:00 February 9th- SR High vs Cedarville at 6:00 February 11th**date change** SR High at Booneville No JR High District Tournament SR High District Tournament will start on February 13th. The higher seed will host the individual game. We will post a bracket once it is set.
23 days ago, Trey Prieur
BASKETBALL THIS WEEK: Monday at Charleston: 7B, JG, JB at 5:00 Tuesday at home vs Charleston: SG, SB at 6:00 Wednesday at Westside: 7G, 7B at 4:30 Friday at Cossatot River: SG, SB at 5:00 GO EAGLES!
25 days ago, Trey Prieur
COVID REMINDER: If a parent, or any member of the household, is tested for COVID-19 all students in the household must quarantine until the results are received. This includes having a negative rapid test and a PCR was sent off. The only exception is if a rapid was done and a follow up PCR was not done. Any questions, please contact Shawna Clayton.
29 days ago, Trey Prieur
Basketball Tuesday at home vs Hackett. JV Girls will tip at 5:30 then we will honor the seniors at 5:45. Varsity Girls will start around 6:00 followed by the varsity boys game. Live streaming will be on the Paris Sports Channel on YouTube. No vouchers or tickets are needed but masks are still required while in the gym. GOOD LUCK EAGLES!
about 1 month ago, Trey Prieur
Basketball this week: Monday at Hackett 7th Boys, JR Girls and JR Boys at 5:00 Tuesday vs Hackett JVG at 5:30. VG, VB at 6:00 Thursday vs Cossatot JR Boys/SR Boys at 5:00 Friday at Danville JG, VG, VB at 5:00 Good luck Eagles!
about 1 month ago, Trey Prieur
Friday Basketball at Waldron: JV Boys will start at 5:30 followed by Senior High Girls then Boys. The live stream will be on the Waldron Bulldogs TV on YouTube! Good luck Eagles! No 7th grade game at Lavaca on Saturday.
about 1 month ago, Trey Prieur
Paris School District will be moving to Virtual Instruction on Friday, January 22nd and Monday January 25th for all campuses. There will be no on site schooling for either day. The cafeteria will be preparing breakfast and lunch meals for pickup only at the High School Wellness Center from 11:30 to 12:30. We will prepare a limited amount. First come first serve.
about 1 month ago, Trey Prieur
Basketball on Thursday at Home vs Waldron starts at 4:00 with 7th grade boys. 8th grade girls will follow then around 5:45-6:00 Junior Girls will play followed by Junior Boys. No tickets or vouchers are needed, you can pay at the door. Good luck Eagles!
about 1 month ago, Trey Prieur
Winter Court and Basketball on Friday January 15th. Winter Court Ceremony will begin at 5:00 in the PHS Gym. We will be live streaming the ceremony (no sound) on the Paris Sports Channel on YouTube. Senior Boys will then tip off at 6:00 followed by the Senior Girls game vs Booneville. Both games will be live streamed as well. Admission is $5 at the gate. Masks are required for the ceremony and the game. Congratulations ladies and good luck Eagles!
about 1 month ago, Trey Prieur
We are very excited to announce that Paris has been awarded the 2021 3A State Volleyball Tournament!
about 1 month ago, Trey Prieur
Basketball today at Cedarville will have JV Boys at 5:30 followed by Senior High Girls and Boys. We have passed out the tickets to the team and Cedarville will live stream on: Good luck Eagles!
about 1 month ago, Trey Prieur