Happy Friday! Thank you for watching Eagle Talk Week 20 https://youtu.be/qWAoiOD7LDU
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Friday SHOUTOUTS from Paris Middle School: Isaac Lowe and Austyn Duggar Madison Fulmer and Patience Rogers Malaki Skaggs Tonya Johnson
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A GAMES are Friday, March 17th!! ALL students will report to PMS on Friday morning. We will have A Games, Reward Time, and the concession stand will be open!
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A Games
c stand
Paris Middle School Shout-outs!!! Izzy Her, 8th Benny Valdez, 8th Katie Massey for showing EMPATHY, 7th Cody Yandell and Sydney Hankins 5th students of the month
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Happy Friday! Thank you for watching Eagle Talk Week 18 Have a wonderful day🌻 https://youtu.be/vhjGNj1Pr-k
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Mario with ATU Ozark came to PMS last week to talk to 8th graders. He talked about the variety of programs they have at ATU Ozark, AR Futures Grant, and answered lots of questions about possibilities. It’s never too early to start thinking and making plans!
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At yesterday's Concert Assessment, your 7th and 8th Grade Band earned an Excellent rating on stage and a Superior rating in sight-reading. This earns us two nice plaques for our band program! When you see one of the band kiddos, be sure to give them a pat on the back! GREAT JOB BAND!!!
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Last week our Quiz Bowl came back with 2nd place for 5th grade! Lily Canada was tournament MVP and Karson Kitson was in the top 10!
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Happy Friday Everyone! Thanks for watching Week 17 Eagle Talk https://youtu.be/cLilJU7xPfc
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Mr Cannon, 5th grade Science teacher, challenged his students that if the entire class could score a 92 or above on a test, he would have the beard....and they did! Mr Cannon is a man of his word and shaved his beard.....Congratulations to his class and good job Mr Cannon!
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Car rider DROP OFF change: Beginning tomorrow (Wednesday March 1) all car riders will be dropped off at the SAME spot as car rider pickup, which is on the parking lot on the north side of the auditorium. Hopefully this change will alleviate some early morning traffic congestion. Remember, students should not be dropped off in front of the school!
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Paris Middle School Shout Outs for students caught doing good deeds! Peyton Canada 7th grade Leeland Stinnett 5th grade
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Happy Friday Everyone! Thanks for watching Eagle Talk Week 16 https://youtu.be/87_3TSt31sY "Friendly reminder: Students should not be dropped off in front of the middle school in the morning. Stay tuned for changes to MS drop-off next week!"
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Happy National School Counseling Week! We are so blessed to have Mrs. Robertson at Paris Middle School. Thank you for all you do for our students, parents, administrators, teachers, and community. You are THE Glue! Make sure you thank a counselor this week!!
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Shoutouts from last week!! Kody Powell, 5th didn’t want picture Hunter Ramsey, 7th
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kody shoutout
hunter shoutout
6th Grade AMI Day 5 (Wednesday Feb 1st) Literacy: Read independently for 30 minutes. Answer the following questions about your favorite character. 1. Who does your favorite character remind you of most? Why? 2. If you could give your favorite character advice what would it be? Why? 3. Why is this character your favorite? Social Studies- Write a paragraph explaining why it was necessary for ancient civilizations to be near a water source. Be sure to use specific examples of how the water source would have been beneficial during that time. Math- Apply the distributive property to write equivalent expressions. a. 4(k+3m) b. f(7+h) c. 5(6+2j) d. 3(8n+9v) e. h(t+5y) f. 2(4d-8) g. 7(3p-6) Science- Write one paragraph giving examples of behavioral and/or structural adaptations animals or plants could have to help survive the weather we are experiencing.
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6th Grade AMI (Tues Jan 31): Literacy: Read Independently for fun for 30 minutes! Be prepared to share and discuss your favorite part! Social Studies: Write a paragraph describing how geography and economics affect the culture of a civilization. Science: Predict your parents’/guardians’ genotypes (genes) based off of their phenotypes (physical trait) to create a Punnett square like we have been practicing. List the percentages of offspring being homozygous recessive and dominant as well as heterozygous. Math: Using the same recipe from AMI Day 3, split the recipe in half. So you should have the original recipe ingredients written, double ingredients written and half ingredients written.
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6th grade AMI: 6th Grade AMI Literacy- read independently for 30 minutes. Writer notes about the character, and setting and be easy to share. Science- write one paragraph about the weather we have had in the last week. Social Studies- look at the news and tell me if you notice anything going on in the United States or the world that is similar to what we have been studying about ancient history. Math- find a recipe in your home or online. Write down the ingredient list and how much. Now double the recipe and write that as well!
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Winter Court 2023 Dress Up Days for Paris Middle School: Monday, January 30 - PJ Day Tuesday, January 31 - Dress All In One Color Wednesday, February 1 - WESTERN/COWBOY DAY Thursday, February 2 - Mom/Dad Day... Dress like a mom or dad Friday, February 3 - Blue & White Day
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Happy Friday Everyone! Thanks for watching Eagle Talk Week 14 https://youtu.be/BojZr39V31w
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