Covid cases, especially the Omicron variant, are on the rise statewide prompting once again the possibility of students being sent home to quarantine. Please remember that if a student is fully vaccinated and has no symptoms after exposure they are exempt from quarantine and will not be sent home. If your child is vaccinated please remember to share that information with our Wellness Center Director, Shawna Clayton, RN.

Also, our district has chosen to “opt-in” to the Test-to-Stay program in Arkansas. If your child is exposed while at school you will be given the choice to have your child tested at school. If your child tests negative during the testing period, they will be allowed to stay at school. This is voluntary but, another avenue that allows students to remain in the school setting.

As always, if you have questions please feel free to contact Shawna Clayton, Wellness Director at or call toll free 844-963-3243. We will continue to clean and disinfect, practice distancing and employ whatever mitigation strategies necessary to contain the potential spread of the virus.

R. Wayne Fawcett, EdD
Paris School District