hoop hop showdown

You’ve most likely heard of hoola hooping and of rock, paper scissors? Well, the newest craze called Hoop Hop Showdown combines both of these activities! Paris Elementary P.E. instructor, Paula Barnhill, is having fun teaching the 1st-4th grade students how to use strategy, hopping and speed to master this new game. During the competition, two teams are launched into a kind of hula hoop gauntlet, where hopping is the only mode allowed. Once the two students meet in the middle, they have to compete in a grueling rock, paper, scissors battle. The winner gets to continue along the hoop path. The loser goes back to the end of the line while their team has to start over from the beginning, trying to stop the other team from reaching the end. The students and teachers are in love with this new activity which combines strategy, physical movement and sportsmanship.