Last evening the Paris School Board approved my recommendation to offer a $50 gift card to those age 12 and above, as an incentive to become fully vaccinated against the Coronavirus. As you know anyone that is fully vaccinated does NOT have to be quarantined if they come into contact with a person that is positive for the virus. The decision to be vaccinated is completely VOLUNTARY. The decision to be vaccinated is a personal one to be made by parents and requires parental consent. THE PARIS SCHOOL DISTRICT THROUGH ANY VACCINATION CLINIC WILL NOT VACCINATE A STUDENT WITHOUT  PARENTAL CONSENT.

The health and safety of all of our students is our number one priority. Everyone is keenly aware that the Delta variant of the virus is affecting every age group and, unlike the first wave, it is affecting younger people at a higher level than at the start of the pandemic. Our next priority is to keep our schools open so that everyone has the opportunity to attend and learn in person. By optimizing the number of students and staff that are vaccinated we can reduce the number that must be quarantined and maximize on-site instruction and activities.

This opportunity will be open for students for the entire 2021-22 school year. If a student is already fully vaccinated they are automatically eligible. Beginning in October we will collect a list of fully vaccinated students from Mrs. Shawna Clayton, Wellness Center DIrector and will purchase the appropriate number of $50 gift cards, they will then be distributed through the high school and middle school office to those eligible students at the end of each month. If a student is fully vaccinated and has not previously provided documentation to her please do so. If a student becomes fully vaccinated at some point during the school year please provide the documentation to her once completed.

If you have questions please see one of your building level principals or call the Central Administrative Office at 844-963-3243.

Dr. R. Wayne Fawcett, Superintendent