Last Thursday, April 8 the Paris School Board voted to continue the mandate for all students and staff to wear masks while at school or school activities for one additional week. If cases statewide, countywide and districtwide remained low the board agreed to lift the mandate and move it to a "recommended" status but optional for all students and staff. Cases have in fact remained low this week and we believe the trend will continue to the end of the school year. Consequently, beginning Monday, April 19, 2021 it will be recommended that students and staff wear a mask while at school or at school activities but it will NOT be required. Wearing a mask will be a personal choice among all students and staff.
We appreciate the voluntary adherence that has been prevalent throughout the year. There is no doubt that by wearing masks during this school year we have lessened the possibility and prevented the spread of Covid-19 while at school.

R. Wayne Fawcett, EdD
Paris School District