Paris Elementary School held its annual Jump-A-Thon and Sing-A-Long on March 5th-9th. The event was sponsored by Susan Hofmann, PES music instructor and Paula Barnhill, PES physical education instructor. Over 300 guests attended the 2018 event and PES students successfully collected over $9,900.00 this year. Money collected through the fundraiser will be used to purchase new supplies for the music and p.e. departments, as well as other resources needed for the students and teachers at PES. 


The following students and classes will receive awards for inviting the most guests and collecting the most money for the event:

School booster awards: Kollyn Schluterman received a $50 Walmart gift card for collecting the most money ($211.00)! Kollyn Schluterman, Brayson Reed, Charlie Robberson, Fallon Harless, Ember Enriquez, Xander Sauls, Ryan Nicholas, Ayden Salito-Tatro, Emily Helton, Chevy Anhalt, Serenitii Moody, Payton Moore, Rachel Helms, Malachi Wewers, Tanazia Chairs, Cheyenne Quijada, Jaxn Mcdaniel, Levi Koch, Zayne Hunter, Ty Farmer, Brylee Cooper, Izabelle Her, Charlee Collier, Larry Robinson, Caleb Whitson, Daxton Guerber, Lindsey Huck, Layla Patterson, Emma Arnold, and Kylie Thompson received a giant chocolate candy bar for collecting over $100 each!


School pride award: Mrs. Hannah Schluterman’s class received prizes for being the class who collected the most money ($788.80)! Grade level winners were: Mrs. Mcgarrah’s kindergarten class ($585.00), Mrs. Canada’s 1st grade class ($675.67), Mrs. Wewers’ 3rd grade class ($552. 00), and Mrs. Hatcher’s 4th grade class ($605.75).

School spirit award: Ms. Day’s 4th grade students received prizes for being the classes who invited the most guests (34)! Grade level winners were: Mrs. Snow’s kindergarten class (20), Mrs. Wilkerson’s 1st grade class (19), Mrs. Hannah Schluterman’s 2nd grade class (24), and Mrs. Wewers’ 3rd grade class (17).

Mrs. Hofmann and Mrs. Barnhill would like to thank all the teachers, students, and parents for doing such a great job this year!!