PES  Read-A-Thon

PES Parents/Guardians,
Our Read-a-thon will start Monday, February 1, 2021. This week we sent home paperwork with your reader explaining how to activate their personal Read-a-thon page. You will find this to be the easiest fundraiser possible. By simply activating your reader’s personal page and using the promotional tools found there, friends and family anywhere in the world can show their support for your reader by making a donation to our Read-a-thon. Your involvement in the Read-a-thon will help your child develop a lasting love of reading. We hope each one of you will activate your child’s personal page the day your child brings home their paperwork.

How It Works:
-Activate your child’s account at this link: Their code is on the paperwork but if you need it again email Mrs. Phillips:
-Use the easy online tools to tell friends and family about our Read-A-Thon.
-Track and log at home reading sessions online.
-That's it!

Thanks so much,
Paris Elementary School