Solar Eclipse Viewing Information

SOLAR ECLIPSE INFORMATION On August 21, 2017, the moon will pass between the earth and the sun for the first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse since 1918. Millions of Americans will be able to watch this solar spectacle that will turn day into night for a couple of minutes.  Arkansas is expected to see an 88% partial solar eclipse.

The safety of our students is our top priority. Looking directly at the sun without the aid of special eclipse glasses or goggles is unsafe. With safety in mind, we have put procedures in place to ensure our students can experience this once in a lifetime event and do so safely. The following procedures will take place during the specified eclipse time (11:45 A.M.-2:45 P.M.)

Elementary School Paris Elementary has made a decision to watch the eclipse via technology on Monday, due to the possible danger of damaged eyes without proper and sufficient eyewear. Please be advised that most of our students will be watching the eclipse via internet streaming.

Middle School The staff at PARIS MIDDLE SCHOOL will take full advantage of this spectacular event and make it a tremendous learning experience for our students. Approved safety glasses have been ordered and all staff have been informed of safe viewing of an eclipse, complete with warnings regarding attempts to watch this event without protecting one’s eyes. ONLY Paris Middle School students that bring back a signed permission slip will be able to go outside to view the eclipse. We will attempt to stream the eclipse for those who choose not to go outside to view it. Signed permissions slips must be turned in by Monday, August 21, 2017 no later than 10 AM in order to go outside to view it.

High School Paris High School students will remain inside during the event and most will be allowed to view the eclipse through the NASA live stream.  

We ask our parents to talk with your children about the dangers involved and encourage them to follow directions of school personnel. We look forward to this extraordinary event and making it a positive learning experience for everyone!!