Our Mission

Thegoal of the Paris School District is to provide meaningful learningexperiences so that students can enhance their potential to succeed in acareer of their choice.


                                                      Paris School District Administration
602 North 10th St. Paris, AR 72855
Fax 479-208-7554

Latest News

The Paris School District has implemented a new phone system.  Parents may connect to any phone in the district by calling toll free  1-844-963-3243.

Calls may also be made directly to school buildings with the following numbers:
High School     ph   479-755-8905   fax 479-208-7564
Middle School    ph   479-755-8908   fax 479-208-7482
Elementary School ph   479-755-8904   fax 479-208-5898
District Office ph   479-755-8901 fax 479-208-7554