PMS Begins New Rocket Lit Program

To help boost the science and math scores at Paris Middle School, 6th grade Science teacher, Megan Featherston, helped secure a new program - Rocket Lit. The program uses articles with science content, allowing students to answer questions about the article to test their knowledge content, as well as their reading skills. As they improve, it will increase their reading level. Each time they improve a reading level, they get to pick a book out of the Book Rocket to keep. Eighteen students, who improved their reading level, had the opportunity to pick a book to take home on Friday. 

Congrats to Jacey O'Mara, Alex Wimberly, Lawson Wells, Jacob Fletcher, Mason Doss, Timberly Nicholas, Alex Thao, Azura Gillespie, Cole Appleton, Tylor Warden, Alex Wells, Paige Parker, Michael Stephens, Rowan Patterson, Autumn Harris, Anna Draper, and Abby Yarnell!

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