PHS Students Register and Vote on Super Bowl Advertising

As part of the USA Today AdMeter campaign, students in Mr. Jamie Varnell's Sports Marketing and Entrepreneurship classes at Paris High registered to vote on the effectiveness and appeal of this year's Superbowl Ads. With the big game approaching, many of the ads have released early to peak interest before the debut Sunday. 

The process emphasizes the biggest marketing window of the year and students are able to evaluate based on what the companies notate as their best effort in gaining market share. Students have already worked in areas involving demographics, strategy and marketing, giving them a lens to view the multi-million dollar attempts of industry to influence the consumer.

As expected, commercials with Jimmy Fallon and Jon Cena, Post Malone and the face off of Little Nas X and Sam Elliott scored high marks with the students. However, it was the Google commercial "Loretta" they voted as the favorite. The unexpected tear-jerker is sure to resonate across generations. 

Following the Superbowl, students will evaluate their voting compared to the national results next week.

Here is a link to their favorite!