Flashlight Fridays

Paris Elementary second grade students are enjoying Flashlight Fridays, thanks to a generous donation by Arvest Bank in Paris! 

In her quest to find unique ways to make reading exciting in the classroom for the students, second grade teacher, Mrs. Jessie McGarrah, conceived the concept of Flashlight Fridays. She wanted to find a way to "shake up their reading time in the classroom." When Public Relations Director, Tonya Varnell, approached Arvest with the idea of sponsoring the program, they were quick to jump on board in supporting the students and staff at PES.

During Flashlight Fridays, second grade students have the opportunity to use their new flashlights on Friday afternoons during their independent reading time. They grab their flashlights, books and find a comfy spot around the room, which could mean sitting in the floor, sprawled out under a desk or curled up on a bean bag in the corner. The students look forward to this time every Friday! 

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