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Paris Schools

Paris Schools, about 6 hours ago

Little early planning going on the for the 9th Annual Keep Paris Beautiful event! The date for the event will be Saturday, May 2nd from 7:45 am - 1 pm. Taking suggestions for projects until February 7th. Let me know if you have any ideas you would like added to the list.

Final project selections will depend on the number of volunteers signed up and the amount of funds donated by the community, businesses and/or grants.

Please let me know by February 12th if you, your family, student group, youth group, etc. plan to volunteer for the event this spring. I know it's early but trying to get a rough idea of headcount so we know the extent of projects we will be able to complete.

For those of you new to the school district or community, here's a little more info about the event - KPB is a partnership between the schools and community to clean up and beautify the town to keep it an appealing place for residents and visitors alike. Over the past eight years, some of our projects have included planting a community garden, planting trees at the parks, removing graffiti, painting murals and installing a pocket park on the town square.

Feel free to share this to help spread the word. The more the merrier! Thanks for your support!

Paris Schools

Paris Schools, about 6 hours ago

FYI - The Atkins After Prom committee is having a Chili Supper tomorrow night as a fundraiser. We wanted to let the Paris coaches and/or parents know.
It is $5.00 for a bowl of chili, chips/crackers, cookie and drink. Paris will play at Atkins tomorrow evening at 4 pm.

Paris Schools

Paris Schools, about 9 hours ago

PHS Winter Court Schedule for Friday, Jan 31st
Daytime Ceremony 1:15 PHS gym
Pep Rally 2:00 PHS gym
Games start at 4 pm
School Board Recognized between JR Boys & Girls Games
Night Ceremony 6:15ish PHS gym

Paris Schools

Paris Schools, about 11 hours ago

PES is participating in the Pennies for Patients drive to collect $ for cancer research. These are the TOP 5 classrooms after the third week of collecting money for the Pennies for Patients program(these totals ONLY include bills):

#1 H. Schluterman(1st grade) $193.14
#2 C. Schluterman(3rd grade) $103.30
#3 Wilkerson(Kindergarten) $89.03
#4 Canada(1st grade) $85.61
#5 Hatcher(4th grade) $78.95

We have raised $1,069.96 so far. The goal was $1,000.00. One student brought her wallet of money that she has saved over time and placed all the money in her teacher's bag. That right there is a noble act of selflessness. So proud to be a part of Paris Elementary School!

There is one more week!! 1st grade Schluterman has been #1 the whole time, but there is time for another class to overtake the #1 spot. Who is up for the challenge?? This ends Friday, January 31, 2020!

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